Varkala International Yoga Festival 2020

Stop searching, Start finding

Varkala International Yoga Festival (VIYF) seeks to unite body, mind through the ancient art of yoga, bridging cultures and educating the world with a message of unconditional love and acceptance.

Taking place in the breathtaking and serene Southern Indian town of Varkala, Kerala, this annual Yoga Mela features authentic yogic experiences plunging practitioners deeper into the individual and collective consciousness. The festival creates an environment in which individuals of diverse backgrounds, nationalities and cultures can resonate together whilst learning and growing to experience true peace and love – united by yoga!

Masters of yoga from around the globe will converge at the festival’s four arenas, each themed around different aspects of yoga – Bhakti, Karma, Jnana and Raja.

VIYF will offer a full range of activities including Satsang, Pranayama, Asana and Meditation classes in addition to a variety of workshops and talks from renowned experts in each field. We will also be hosting artists from around the globe showcasing talents including traditional indian music, dance and martial arts.

Varkala International Yoga festival was founded by the VIYF Foundation. The foundation has been set up to offer free Yogic education to socially and economically disadvantaged children. Using Yoga as a tool, it aims to enable children to improve the quality of their lives by providing mental, emotional, and physical support. The financial return generated by the festival will be used to develop the work of the foundation, aiming to support yogic education programs in schools in regions of India and around the globe.

The festival aims to help restore the green landscapes of India through environmental education, this process kicking off by the implementation of a conscious waste management scheme in the host town of Varkala. This initiative is encouraged and supported by the Government of Kerala.

Varkala International Yoga Festival is committed to solidifying Varkala as the Yoga capital of Southern India. Come join us and explore the ancient art of yoga as we unite body, mind and spirit.