Varkala Yoga Education (VYE) Trust is a non profit organization which addresses environmental and educational concerns by promoting and encouraging the practice of Yoga around the globe. The Varkala International Yoga Festival was founded by the VYE Trust to generate revenue in order to offer free Yogic education to socially and economically disadvantaged children.

Yoga provides inner peace and liberation, it is a tool that allows practioners to connect to their true inner self. Our aim is to provide yoga as a support mecanism, one that can be used to provide some light to children in need. The yogic education program introduces sacred knowledge (vidya) of yogic philosophy and practices from Patanjalis Yoga Sutras in a child friendly manner. The program aims to provide schooling to children all over the globe on topics such as hygiene and cleanliness (saucha), environment and sustainability, philosophy, biology and nutrition.  Physical activity is a fundamental part of the program, including posture (asana) classes as well as stress and anxiety management through meditation alongside pranayama (breathing) tutorials.

As part of the Trust social commitment, VIYF aims to provide this yogic oriented curriculum in as many schools as possible, this on a planetary scale. The school entry selection process is based on a comprehensive study of social and economical circumstances. The foundation wishes to provide each selected school with specially trained yoga teachers, correspondiant to each institutes particular needs.  Such dedicated team members at each faculty will monitor and adapt the program progress, publishing public periodical reports, online through the organisations website.

The Trust wishes to underline its commitment its to environmental awareness, hoping to open discussions with the Keralan government with the proposal of recycling and waste management, encouraging the Varkala International Yoga Festival – VIFY team members to pursue the Varkala International Yoga Festival foundation’s mission and maintain the focus. The Trust aspires to extend their environmental efforts throughout all of India in the coming years!