South Indian cuisine and restaurants

Kerala, coastal land of spices, offers a very particular cuisine. Like everywhere else in India, a typical meal consists of a dish of rice accompanied by a dhal, a curry or various vegetable preparations.

But here the curries are often made up of freshly caught fish or seafood, with freshly grated spices and delicious coconut milk. In general, travelers enjoy this blend that is both sweet, spicy and unctuous. Coconut is a main ingredient and comes in abundance, very popular in the form of oil with its numerous health benefits.

Enjoy a typical Indian breakfast at one of the many family owned restaurants called dosa, a fine pancake made of lentil and rice flour. Order a plain dosa, served with delightful coconut chutney and savoury veg curry or try the typical masala dosa, stuffed with a mash of seasoned potatoes. A classic Indian breakfast or a perfect snack you will fall in love with!
For lunch and dinner, try pappadam, yellow in color, spicy, fried lentil flour pancake, thin and crisp. It goes very well with the thali or a biryani. The custom is to crumble pappadam on the rice dish. Delicious! They look almost like crisps!

Fruit side, bananas, pineapple and coconut can be found all year round. On the other hand, there are seasons for mango, papaya and jackfruit. Enjoy a yummy fresh fruit or vegetable juice at almost every restaurant on the cliff, all the while indulging in a magical ocean view and letting all your worries fade away with the setting sun!

Come and visit and see for yourself!

Located on the edge of a breathtaking cliff, Varkala, former coastal village, has become a real seaside resort. All the ingredients for a perfect holiday are there; the sea, the fine sand, the cliffs at sunset, the small waterfalls in the region , the numerous yoga retreats, the ayurvedic centers, the wide range of accommodations suitable for all tastes and budgets … you definitely can’t go wrong!

Varkala is the ideal place for your next yogic break!

For further information about the history and culture of Varkala please visit the Kerala Tourism website